Wireless Bridge Transmission

Wireless bridge transmission technology. . . . . Dua Band Wireless Solar Transmission Technology. . . . .


Dua wireless transmission CCTV system is designed to transmit audio / video in the 5GHz frequency band power of 1W (30dbi). The device transmits signals from IP security cameras with high resolution (up to 5Mpixels).


Built-in dual antenna 5GHz MIMO 2 x 16 dBi allows signal transmission as standard to 2km, the possibility of using fine-tuning function of the antenna provides high transmission quality even at varying distances.



Model: ST58T8G


 Modulation: OFDM Frequency:
5150~5825MHz Transmit
power: 30dBm Wireless mode: PTP and PTMP
Antenna type: Built-in 18dbi antenna
Support range: 5-8KM (LOS)
Function: Audio video and network
Model: ST5817H
 Gain: 17dBi Radiation: Directional
Frequency Range: 5.1-5.9 GHz
Polarization: Dual – Polarization
Isolation: -40dB (Max)
Front-to-Back Ratio: -30dB (Max)
SideLobe: <-12dB
Model:ST6200BM (UAV)
 Modulation: COFDM
Light Weight: 120g
Small size: like a cigarette box Video loss alarm
Comes with 3 channel switch function
Channel Bandwidth: 6MHz Frequency Range:138-1400MHz Resolution: HD 720P (1280*720) Air to ground: 1-5km LOS: 1-2km NLOS≥200m
Power Supply: DC 9-16V
 Modulation: COFDM
Frequency: 300-900MHz
Transmit power: 1~5W LCD
Adjust Wireless mode: Point to point
Antenna type: External omni antenna
Image quality: 1080P, 720P
Configure: Transmitter, receiver, manpack holder, video cable, battery




Our Work Scope – Planning, Installations & Delivery


Customers can contact our technical team for inquiry, and first to table the need for their security system requirements. To this end WESTCOT-GULF can arrange a site visit, for inspection, and parameter array, and develop a blue print to best suit the customer’s requirement, and offer input for security options and an installation schedule.
Our installations and maintenance projects are highly customers friendly, well planned from Site Inspection, Technical Design, Analysis, and down to Implementation, to minimize security risks, and focuses on cost efficient delivery with the least possible disruption to the customers operations.
All our installations are carried out by WESTCOT-GULF certified installers and a Hi-Tec Supervision by our affiliated Original Equipment Manufacturers.
The final phases are. . Test-Running, Training of personals and Commissioning



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