Why Us

WESTCOT-GULF is Internationally Certified IEEE and ONVIF Information System Security and Management Company.

Licensed by the International security Expo-Exhibition Commission – India, Certified System Integrator bdy Abloy-Technology – Fineland, DNT (Software Engineering) NIIT– India, DICT (System Information and Circuit Design Engineering), SIT (Surveillance & Information Technology Engineering): Masters Institute – India.


Competitive Pricing

@Westcot-Gulf, we sale solutions, not products. We offer a variety of pre- and after-sales services to our customers including on-site installation, training and maintenance that can be custom-tailored to meet their individual needs.  In the platform of Hi-Tech and quality solutions, our pricing are highly customers friendly.



We got the tools

We do full-time;- Assemblage, Coupling, Circuit Design & Integration, and Installation & Maintenance. We have an IEEE standard technical laboratory were all equipment are tested, calibrated, and re-calibrated, before deployment to our clients locations.


24/7 Technical Support

Our service entitle our esteemed clients to 24/7 free technical support. Our technical support covers both on-site and off-site operation. If you would like more information or need technical support, please call +234(0)705-265-9904 or e-mail us; info@westcotgulf.com.


Increasing Years of Experience

We have achieved land marks projects in Electronics Security and Surveillance, Biometric-Intelligence, POE-Technology, Radio-Wave Frequency 5.1-5.9 GH transmission in India and, Nigeria.


Lifetime Guarantee

We offer life-time After Installation Services and Maintenance (AISM) Warranty; in business, our contract job also carries Installations Maintenance plan (optional) professionally called “Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)”. We believe in quick after installations service, late in service means a lapse .  T & C Applies.


Planning and Design

Big to small projects, all our service are tailored made from the scratch; from site inspection, parameter measurement, analysis, technical design, bench-test and implementation, are carefully handled and supervised by the professional team.


Quality Assurance

WESTCOT-GULF is a Fellow Member of the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum). Hence, all our technology and installation services are IEEE and ONVIF Standard: The ONVIF specification defines a common protocol for the exchange of information between network video devices including automatic device discovery, video streaming and intelligence metadata.  For details, Visit; http://www.onvif.org.


End-user Free Training

We know that customers do not only rely on us for technology, but equally for the exceptional service they have come to expect. We offer a variety of pre- and after-sales services orientation to our customers such as system operations, basic level troubleshooting, LAN/WAN Network signal set-up that can be custom-tailored to meet their individual needs.



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