Access Control Integration

As a technology integration company, we add more advantages to the normal Access control systems, to help maintain a secure environment by limiting access through an entry point to only those individuals who have authority. Credentials such as ID cards, proximity devices or biometrics prove the identity of the person requesting entrance. These systems have grown in sophistication and have greatly improved the security of many organizations. They can be found today at millions of entrances both outside and within facilities.
This may not be well known! There are a few limitations to access control systems when they are positioned at a standard door. Once the door is open, uncontrolled number of unauthorized people can pass through it, we call this “tailgating.“ Doors can be propped open for convenience, and without a specialized alarm to notify security personnel, they can stay open indefinitely – enabling anyone to pass through unnoticed.


At WESTCOT-GULF, we prefer to integrate the Control in Access Control with Security Entrances to achieve the promise of access control without these limitations, look no further than security entrances. Security entrances, such as turnstiles, security revolving doors and security mantrap portals can add prestige to your facility while helping control the flow of people through designated entry and exit points.


And, the greatest benefits can be achieved when your security entrances are integrated with an access control system, both for security and for overall business operations.


In the ICT Global Market, there are many types of security entrances available to meet a wide variety of needs. Whether you need a solution for supervised crowd control, to limit entry to authorized individuals, to detect tailgating or to prevent it entirely without supervision, there is a security entrance that will help you achieve your ac
cess control goals. Even within each category, entrances can be individually configured for different applications, industries, and levels of security.


Our Work Scope – Planning, Installations & Delivery

Customers can contact our technical team for inquiry, and first to table the need for their security system requirements. To this end WESTCOT-GULF can arrange a site visit, for inspection, and parameter array, and develop a blue print to best suit the customer’s requirement, and offer input for security options and an installation schedule.
Our installations and maintenance projects are highly customers friendly, well planned from Site Inspection, Technical Design, Analysis, and down to Implementation, to minimize security risks, and focuses on cost efficient delivery with the least possible disruption to the customers operations.


All our installations are carried out by WESTCOT-GULF certified installers and a Hi-Tec Supervision by our affiliated Original Equipment Manufacturers.
The final phases are. . Test-Running, Training of personals and Commissioning


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