At WGIS, we know that customers do not

only rely on us for technology, but equally for the exceptional service they have come to expect. We offer a variety of pre- and after-sales services to our customers including on-site installation, training and maintenance that can be custom-tailored to meet their individual needs.


Hence, we offer a complete array of training services to customers that enable them to get the best out of their investment. Training options include one-to-one, on-site sessions, as well as group courses, organized on site or at our Technical Base Stations. To ensure that our technology continuously responds to our customer’s expectations, we provide them with an excellent training on maintenance package that includes technical maintenance and core training on error resulting from power failure or voltage fluctuation in case of system breakdown.



This training package is free for personnel’s appointed by our clients, else training course exist as separate package which attraction a definite charges for a period of time.

If you would like more information or need technical support, please call +234(0)705-265-9904 or e-mail us;