Solar Power Technology




–  – POWER BACK-UP TECHNICAL SOLUTION. . . . . . . Inverter / Charger Battery Backup System ……….


All technical design projects are IEE compliance; spanning from the basic setup to the most complex phase of the process.
In a battery backup system, the basic thing to consider is the two main components:
  • An inverter/charger and
  • The Power Bank Batteries
The inverter is responsible for converting the power stored in the batteries into a form that can be used by your sump pump. It is also responsible for keeping the batteries fully charged at all times.


Note the red arrows showing the flow of electricity. During normal operation, the inverter/charger just passes the electricity coming from your wall outlet straight through to the sump pump as though the sump pump was plugged directly into the outlet.
While it is doing that, it will also automatically charge the batteries and keep them fully charged as long as it continues to receive power from the wall outlet.
The Batteries Set-Up?  How many batteries will be need?
The more batteries you connect to the inverter/charger, the longer it can keep the sump pump running. This is one of the advantages of the modular nature of an inverter/charger versus a UPS system.

Theoretically. . . .

We can connect an unlimited number of batteries and get an unlimited runtime, but there are practical limitations including cost, space, weight and charger size, so this question will remain suspended till we are invited to site for technical inspection.


Advanced Technical Design – Solar Energy – In the world of ICT, changes and advancement are inevitable. So is the Inverter System.  Our Technical Design can be become sophisticated with the integration of Solar Power to fit the existing installation.
Solar energy is a resource that is not only sustainable for energy consumption; it is indefinitely renewable (at least until the sun runs out in billions of years).
Solar power has its potential in abundance, and we have what it takes harness it



Our Work Scope – Planning, Installations & Delivery


Customers can contact our technical team for inquiry, and first to table the need for their security system requirements. To this end WESTCOT-GULF can arrange a site visit, for inspection, and parameter array, and develop a blue print to best suit the customer’s requirement, and offer input for security options and an installation schedule.
Our installations and maintenance projects are highly customers friendly, well planned from Site Inspection, Technical Design, Analysis, and down to Implementation, to minimize security risks, and focuses on cost efficient delivery with the least possible disruption to the customers operations.


All our installations are carried out by WESTCOT-GULF certified installers and a Hi-Tec Supervision by our affiliated Original Equipment Manufacturers.
The final phases are. . Test-Running, Training of personals and Commissioning


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