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Service Policy. . .


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Here in Westcot-Gulf, our warranty is offers limited to (1) year for most of our installations, and maintenance services. The period of warranty becomes effective from date of commissioning and handover. During this period, Westcot-Gulf Integrated Solutions will repair or replace components of the product without charge.
This warranty does not cover any damage caused by abuse, accident, misuse, negligence, repair, disaster, modification, improper handling or testing by unqualified persons or other technical persons not authorized by Westcot-Gulf. Our warranty also do not cover installation done by technical allied, for which we called to serviced, or maintained.


During the warranty period all the costs of repair will be free charge. Meanwhile all the returned products will be upgraded with the newest firmware version except customer has a special requirement.
Westcot-Gulf will reserve the rights for replacement parts once confronted obsolete or phased-out from our Original Equipment Manufacturer.
Westcot-Gulf will charge the costs of repair if any project or installation is out-of-warranty. The customer assumes the responsibility for all costs for delivery the project. The estimate of the charges will be prepared to customer before repair.


The following circumstances will be automatically excluded form warranty:
  1. If the project/installation of warranty is expired.
  2. If the machined used in the project/installation was subjected to misuse, abuse, negligence, unauthorised repair or modification (hardware, firmware or software).
  3. If the system is subjected to electrical short circuits or transients, accident, fire, flood.
  4. If the system is subjected to operating conditions (including atmospheric, temperature and humidity conditions) beyond of the acceptable conditions specified in the product’s instruction manual.
  5. If original identification (trademark, serial number, model number) markings have been removed, defaced or altered.
NTF (No Trouble Found):  All returned products would not be charged for testing or labor cost if NTF (No Trouble Found) were found. No matter it’s out of warranty the products will be upgraded for free with the newest firmware version before shipment.  Freight charges are not included.
Repair TAT (Turn Around Time):  Fourteen (14) days the product will be returned from the date of receipt. Or the date of repair will be confirmed from customer if the product is out of warranty.
Twenty-one (21) days the product will be returned if the product includes subcontract from date of receipt. Or the date of repair will be confirmed from the customer if the product is out of warranty.


Packing/Shipping:  The customer has to confirm the packing is strong enough before shipment. If any damage or disfigurement was found during transportation, the warranty will not apply to the Product.
Freight Charge: Customer shall be responsible for one-way freight when delivered to Westcot-Gulf (Offsite) if Product is in-warranty.
Westcot-Gulf shall be responsible for one-way freight back when returned to customer if product is in-warranty – Onsite. Besides, customer will bear all the costs for both Offsite/Onsite if product is out of warranty.
Repair Report: The report of repair will be enclosed to customer with shipment; this will figured the failure symptom, root cause, action and component price.


NOTE:  Products are subject to continuous improvement. Westcot-Gulf and its OEM subsidiaries reserve the right to modify product design, specifications and prices, without notice and without incurring any obligation. Software and firmware are subject to updates from time to time.
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