◆ This is our Hearty Season’s greetings to you reading this post.

You made us come this far, and mean a lot to us.

To everyone we’ve executed contracts together, I see more projects coming. To other we prospected together, I say, keep the spirit aglow.

To all *trainees* of *Westcot-Gulf?*, past, and present, we salute your passion for the *System Information Engineering (SIE)Profession*, I tell you, your investment in yourselves will payoff somewhere, someday, somehow, home????, and abroad✈✈✈

To, those that called☎☎ for enquiries, you kept our phone busy, we thank you.

To, those, who invited ?? us to site for technical inspections, we thank you.

To, our competitor’s *companies*, especially, those we lost contract to, we thank, you made us Stronger, more exposed and more experienced.

To, all *Westcot-Gulf Allies*, who called to consoles us through the *though times* we had our office shut down in *Port Harcourt*, God bless you all beyond your imaginations.

To, other allies, who had in the past honored our invitations for International Exhibitions, and Trade Expos. . .we thank you, you too, will be honored.

To, those allies, who prospected for contracts, using our company profile, and didn’t come through, we say, don’t give up, *don’t be disappointed*, we know how it works.

Now, to our International Allies, our *OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers)* we are happy to have had business deals??. And, for these times we didn’t respond to your invoices, we didn’t forget you. No! we didn’t ignored your orders, business was epileptic, the economic recession, and bad governance, as it effect many sectors, has as well, drastically, slowed down our operations. Hopefully, we’ll meet in subsequent Technical Exhibitions as we visit your countries abroad, and, we pray?? for more *stronger*, and *profitable* alliances.

To, everyone that visited our *websites*, and, made one, or two suggestions, God, bless you.

With my eyes closed, and, looked back, back in time, we will never have come this far without you all *home*, and *abroad*. Now, looking in to the future, we are hopeful, but, hope, is not a strategy. Yes! As we strategically repositioned, and restructure, the African ICT Market Place is just, too, a small global village.

Sincerely, as I mark my Birthday today, *24th, Dec* I’m eternally grateful to *God* for the thing’s we’ve seen, are as fragments, to the glories that await ahead, and, to you; I thank you all for being there with us, all through the terrain, and the valleys, and, till now??.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year 2019.

*Westcot-Gulf* salute you, I, salute you

*God Bless Us All. . .✍?*

*Engr. Tims Uyi*
*Westcot-Gulf Integrated Solutions Limited*