Digital Satellite Television


DIGITAL SATELLITE TELEVISION SYSTEM. . . . .  (Direct-Broadcast Satellite Television -DBSTV)


What is Digital Satellite television?

A Digital Satellite television is – according to article 1.39 of the International Telecommunication Union´s (ITU) ITU Radio Regulations (RR) – a Broadcasting-satellite service, as adopted in technical designs like Home Box Office, Dstv, Mytv, Multi Tv & Etc.
It is delivering television programming using signals relayed from space radio stations (e.g. DVB satellites). The signals are received via an outdoor parabolic reflector antenna usually referred to as a satellite dish and a low-noise block down converter (LNB).
A satellite receiver then decodes the desired television programme for viewing on a television set. Receivers can be external set-top boxes, or a built-in television tuner. Satellite television provides a wide range of channels and services, especially to geographic areas without terrestrial television or cable television.



Direct -2- Home” (DTH)


The most common method of reception is direct-broadcast satellite television (DBSTV), also known as “direct to home” (DTH). DBSTV systems, signals are relayed from a direct broadcast satellite on the Ku wavelength and are completely digital. Satellite TV systems formerly used systems known as television receive-only.
These systems received analog signals transmitted in the C-band spectrum from FSS type satellites, and required the use of large dishes. Consequently, these systems were nicknamed “big dish” systems, and were more expensive and less popular.
We have a complete Hi-Tech solution guide for installing or setting up a satellite dish & decoder for DSTV, MyTV, Multi TV & etcetera without having spend excess fund for future maintenance, and repairs. This is because our installers/technicians are professionally certified at all level (locally and abroad).
We take time to toll and upgrade your satellite dish efficiency to the point you are getting a good, decent and reliable signal?
If you are a home owner with Sky multi room, renting a flat that gets a feed from a common satellite dish, or running a BnB, pub or social club with satellite distributed to different rooms and areas, we can help you solve your picture and satellite reception problems.
Whatever the problem with your satellite equipment, dish, and receiver or cabling we can help. We have the equipment to reach your dish wherever it is installed and can quickly and efficiently identify, resolve and permanently cure your bad satellite TV reception or misaligned satellite dish problems.



Our Work Scope – Planning, Installations & Delivery


Customers can contact our technical team for inquiry, and first to table the need for their security system requirements. To this end WESTCOT-GULF can arrange a site visit, for inspection, and parameter array, and develop a blue print to best suit the customer’s requirement, and offer input for security options and an installation schedule.
Our installations and maintenance projects are highly customers friendly, well planned from Site Inspection, Technical Design, Analysis, and down to Implementation, to minimize security risks, and focuses on cost efficient delivery with the least possible disruption to the customers operations.
All our installations are carried out by WESTCOT-GULF certified installers and a Hi-Tec Supervision by our affiliated Original Equipment Manufacturers.
The final phases are. . Test-Running, Training of personals and Commissioning




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