About Us

WESTCOT-GULF INTEGRATED SOLUTION LIMITED (WGIS™) started as Rictims Enterprise in 2006 as an IT Consultant, and regular supply contractor to Global Steel Infrastructures (formal Delta Steel Company (DSC)) and the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). In 2009, a brand new business name (Westcot-Gulf Enterprise) emerged from Rictimz Enterprises with kin interest in the fast evolving IT-Sector, and as an adventure into the Asia ICT emerging market. This adventure started out with regular purchase and supply of IT-Products to the Nigeria IT market to ascertain its flexibility and potentials.
In 2013, WGIS™ was modified from Westcot-Gulf Enterprise due to technical know-how, strong passion to explore, and advance technical abilities in training and installation of Electronic Surveillance and Security elements and Biometric-to-RFID Integration Solutions. With 5-yrs Hi-Tech Intensive Training in Manufacturing, Programming, Networking, Installations, Maintenance, Trouble-Shooting and Repairs, we had become professional allies with companies in the International Market and registered member of professional bodies like ONVIF and IEE.
We specialize in Integration, Market Research, Product Development, PCB-Assemblage, In-house Coupling and Manufacturing, Training, Installations of related. Our services lies between the principal manufacturers, Representatives, Procedure Integrator linked to electronic security to overseeing security precautions practice with other Integrated Companies.
At WGIS™, we are recognized experts in the selected application domains, we make every effort to advance in our skills through professional development methodology and proven projects management with favorable rates, and our passion about leading edge technology and quality enable us to strive and maintain a balance with our client throughout the life cycle of the project, delivering nothing, but the best for every customer.
Today, WGIS™ is a well-reputed Integrated Company and excellent track record with other leading international Allies. We are totally built and useful in providing world-class solutions, with sophisticated design and style with flexible software and hardware package features pertaining business stability. Hence, our market spans throughout public and commercial sectors such as Government, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Streets, Parks, High-Way-Traffics, Retail Shops, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Factories, Airports, Jetties, Metro-Stations, Oil-Platforms, Dockyard, Educational Sectors, Offices of different sizes and shapes, Homes and Private Apartments, Journalism and Intelligence Investigation.
WGIS™ is a Fellow Member of the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum). Hence, all our products and installation services are IEEE and ONVIF Standard: The ONVIF specification defines a common protocol for the exchange of information between network video devices including automatic device discovery, video streaming and intelligence metadata.  For details, Visit; http://www.onvif.org
OUR MISSION: To be the most famous and advanced company in the Electronic Security Products and Services by providing world class quality, and high performance to guarantee our customers satisfaction.
OUR VISION: To be a significant factor in collaborative training and research development through joint programs with our highly technical based National and International-allies.
Westcot-Gulf …………………the world is here! Where are you?